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Exercise Right Week: Exercise for the Right Reasons

Yet again, I’m highlighting the benefits of that thing I love! That thing that’s free, accessible and doesn’t discriminate. That ‘treatment’ or ‘prescription’ that improves your physical and mental health. You guessed it (I’d be worried if you hadn’t) – I’m talking about exercise!

I’m not the only one spruiking its benefits – have you heard about Exercise Right Week? It’s an annual awareness campaign held in the last full week of May, brought to you by Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA), a body of professionals dedicated to helping Australians live healthier and more active lives.

Specifically, Exercise Right Week is aimed at highlighting the benefits of exercise for health and well-being (that’s my jam), and to help Australians understand where to get the ‘right’ advice in a sea of misinformation from pseudoscientists, influencers and that one friend who uses garlic for everything.

all about Exercise Right Week 2022

This year, Exercise Right Week put out an important message that resonates with so many people I’ve counselled about the benefits of movement:

“It’s not about weight loss. It’s not a punishment. Exercise is a celebration of your body. We’re designed to move!”

This positive messaging can help us to reframe exercise as exciting movement. Walk, run, dance, cartwheel, crossfit, climb, tumble, tiptoe or swim. Exercise is simply movement with the intention of improving our health.

Every day during the campaign, free resources and inspiring stories. were shared on https://exerciseright.com.au. Take a look for all the most up to date information following this year’s Exercise Right Week.

Why is Exercise Right Week important?

Despite exercise being free, accessible, and often enjoyable(!) half of Australian adults aren’t moving enough. Exercise is commonly used as a weight-loss tool despite being a contentious association, rather than focusing on the hundreds of other important benefits.

I’ve written a few articles that I think would resonate with this subject, check out Five reasons to exercise right now and Movement is Medicine: Your Mental Health.

Exercise Right have highlighted some of the incredible benefits of exercise that aren’t reliant on the number on the scale! Here are six of their favourite reasons to move:

  • Move Your Mood (mental health)
  • Heal Your Heart (heart health)
  • Brace Your Body (physical health)
  • Boost Your Brain (brain health)
  • Gather Your Group (social health)
  • Spoil Your Self (self care)

Visit their website https://exerciseright.com.au or follow them on social media (@exerciseright_aus) to hear advice from exercise specialists.

How can you get involved?

​Excited to move more? There are still some free events, both online and in-person, hosted all over Australia for you to join. Exercise Right are even giving people the chance to win a smart watch to track and inspire more movement. But the main point is that you can find a way to move your body, and exercise right, all year round!

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Dr Ash Bowden (@doctordomore) is not endorsed, sponsored or employed by ESSA or Exercise Right and the information and opinions expressed in this article are his own and not the advice of a local health district or governing body. Information has been collected from reputable sources at the time of writing. Always seek the guidance of your doctor with any questions regarding your own health or a medical condition.

By Dr Ash Bowden – For more information on keeping active visit https://do-more.live  

Facebook: Dr Ash Bowden | Instagram: @doctordomore

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