Doctor Do More

#HelloMyNameIs Ash, also known as Doctor Do More to the Central Coast community.

I’m a doctor on the Central Coast and I am passionate about improving health and happiness through physical activity, something I’m lucky enough to be able to do in and out of work.

After a light-bulb moment with an Intensive Care Consultant in the UK, I’ve dedicated my career to improving how active we can all be. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends just 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity each week – something 55% of adults in Australia are not achieving. Yet physical activity has so many benefits for our health! It’s not just the boring things like ‘cardiorespiratory disease’, blood pressure or Diabetes, it’s our mental health – that black dog we can all appreciate.

My pride and joy is the Do More Activity Search Engine I created back in 2019, a ‘Google for Exercise’, where I want to empower everyone to find movement that suits them. Through the lens of social media, it’s easy to believe exercise is only something that models enjoy, but everyone can. If you’ve not found a movement you enjoy, then you’ve just not found it yet. Let me play matchmaker and find something to get you more active, so you can continue your journey to better physical and mental health.

The goal here is to get our community more active. You’ll feel better, active businesses (or ‘Providers’) on the Central Coast will gain clients and, in the long run, fewer people will find themselves in hospital for preventable illness. I’m actually just trying to save myself some work.