Dr Do More Ash Bowden

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  1. I’m a long term provider of health and fitness….. I offer
    Weight bearing exercise In a private studio in terrigal.
    1 on 1 personal training
    I have helped the community for over 20yrs in basic health and wellbeing and understanding the progression of our ageing process . I offer a synergistic approach to on going health …… physically nutritionally and mentally thru hypnotherapy.
    I also offer stage and competition prepping in
    Bodybuilding male and female / figure and model.

  2. Hey Ash, thanks for a great morning. 🙂

    I do personal training, group training, group classes including indoor cycle classes. I would love to be part of Do more.
    I don’t currently have a website however I am using the business face book page Evexia Total Fitness with Kim George. How can I get on board?

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