Proud to be the Central Coast Primary Care (CCPC) ambassador

Those who have been following my progress will hopefully see how grateful I am for the huge support I receive from the Central Coast community as I continue to try to help people get more active. In the last month, I’ve had this encouragement reinforced by a local, caring, not-for-profit organisation – Central Coast Primary Care – who have named me their ambassador. Together CCPC and I will work to improve the physical and mental well-being of the local Central Coast community.

Based in Erina, Central Coast Primary Care (CCPC) has been delivering programs and services across the Central Coast for over 18 years. Employing over 450 individuals and contractors on the Central Coast, with tens of thousands of people accessing their various services annually, CCPC are recognised as a leading provider of NDIS and Mental Health services in the local region. Services comprising Mental Health Programs, Community Programs, and Indigenous Programs, CCPC also operate several After Hours GP Clinics. Michelle Bradbury, who I’ve had the pleasure of sitting down and talking about our motivations, describes the CCPC way: “collaborative and innovative approach that ensures the people we work with are supported to improve their health and well-being. At CCPC our motto is simple: Better Health – Better Life”.

The more I’ve explored the community with my Doctor Do More hat on, the more I see the vast gap between the healthy active people and the inactive population that sadly turn up at the emergency department doors. Show me someone with chest pain, appendicitis or a broken bone and I’ll know exactly what to do but unfortunately someone with a mental illness at crisis point and I can only offer support while you wait for the Mental Health CNC to see you. Our emergency department is forever faced with people needing support with their mental health feeling like they’ve nowhere else to turn. With this in mind, CCPC provide an array of Mental Health Programs:

  • PRIMA “access and referral pathways for people living with mental illness on the central coast”
  • Clinical services “access to psychologists, social workers, and mental health nurses”
  • Transitional care “Helping to support patients transitioning from hospital to community mental health services”
  • Aged care “Psychologists visiting residents in Aged Care facilities to help with their mental health needs”
  • LinkSupport “Supporting people with severe and persistent mental health concerns and complex needs, and their carers and families”
  • Psychosocial Support for NDIS “Disability services including social activities and care coordination”
  • Application help “Support with NDIS Applications with a speciality in psychosocial disability”

CCPC are the biggest players on the coast to help tackle the divide between our active healthy and our inactive population, facing mental illness, disability, homelessness and other challenges. I couldn’t be more excited to work with an organisation so aligned with my values as an emergency department doctor desperate to improve community health and wellbeing.

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