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Local emergency doctor helping to personalise the experience for patients in Central Coast hospitals

#hellomynameis, it’s a simple phrase. But it is often forgotten, especially in what can be a busy hospital setting. A young and determined local emergency doctor, Dr Ash Bowden aka Doctor Do More is bringing to life the powerful campaign of using and displaying names to help improve and personalise the hospital experience for Central Coast patients.

Seven years ago, UK based doctor, Dr Kate Granger who later became a cancer patient created the #hellomynameis campaign to help remind healthcare staff about the importance of introductions. This fantastic initiative has since grown and now been introduced into Central Coast hospitals by registrar at Wyong Hospital, Dr Ash Bowden, also known as Doctor Do More.

The passionate emergency doctor who is taking his persona literally by doing so much more in the Central Coast community believes that “displaying your name visually helps to personalise interactions. As a doctor, this can mean or signal to a patient that you’re no longer seeing them as the ‘next patient’ or by their disease or presentation” Bowden explains that “ by using our name this makes people feel listened to and looked after”.

Dr Ash Bowen who previously practiced medicine in the UK, started to wear his #hellomynameis badge when he began work in Emergency at Wyong Hospital. It was met with a range of reactions – from scepticism and curiosity, through to positivity and encouragement.

Today, the entire Wyong Emergency Department team has embraced the campaign and wear #hellomynameis badges, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, PSAs and admin staff. The number is climbing in Gosford’s Emergency Department and hopefully beyond.

“The response has been fantastic” says Bowden. “I’ve heard lots of warming anecdotes from staff who are surprised at how much of an impact a badge and an introduction can make. Even me, I’m forever noticing patients’ glance at my badge before they then use my name to thank me personally. It creates a much better and more positive connection,” Bowden continues.

#hellomynameis also helps staff communicate with one another, especially with people they’re working with every day that they may have felt it now rude to ask their names – we’ve all done it! “Being able to ask a colleague by name a question or for some help makes for a much more positive work environment”, states Bowden.

With a mission to help improve the health and happiness of the Central Coast community, Doctor Do More has launched a free local physical activity search engine http://do-more.live/, suitable for all levels and abilities and showcases local businesses who offer physical activity options. He is also the proud ambassador for leading provider of NDIS and Mental Health services in the local region, Central Coast Primary Care.

Doctor Do More is all about practising what he preaches and can be found regularly attending classes and sessions with local physical activity providers. He is also putting on his dancing shoes as a contestant to help raise funds and awareness at the Cancer Council ‘Stars of the Coast 2020’. Here he and 11 other contestants will learn and perform a routine on stage at Laycock Street Theatre on Friday 15th May 2020.

Cancer Council ‘Stars of the Coast 2020’ – Support Doctor Do More and donate


Doctor Do More is also selling #hellomynameis name badges with a contribution going towards this worthy cause, you can contact Ash to find our more on ashleygbowden@hotmail.com

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