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#MoveAgainstCancer 2021: How Did We Do?

The message was simple: ‘sign-up and move more’. I spent the last couple of months rallying local businesses to get involved and encourage their staff and customers to jump on board #MoveAgainstCancer 2021… and they did just that!

We saw 818 steppers register and the event raised over $100,000 for Cancer Council!

To incentivise steppers we were able to put together some pretty exciting prize bundles too:

  1. Top Individual Stepper – this year Monika Ludriks with an immense 1,455,034 steps – won goodies from Bulk Nutrients, a $280 ‘Frazzled to Fabulous’ package at Five Star Day Spa, $100 voucher for Activate Foods, a $200 Rebel voucher from Impact Gym and a $500 EFTPOS card from Partners in Wealth!
  1. Top Team Steppers – the two-time winning Terrigal Trotter with 12,880,059 steps – won 10 x 45 minute sessions at The Stretch Lab, 10 x massages at Physio Connex, 20 x vouchers for Gosford RSL and 20 bottles of luxury lubricant from Slippery Coco!
  1. Biggest Fundraisers – Central Coast Salsa Steppers raising $6,000 – won a tour and tasting at Distillery Botanica, a $25 voucher from Miki Finn and a $20 voucher from FreeState Café for each of their steppers!
  1. Caption Competition Winner – Bree Ohm with 51 likes on “ABS-urd boog conditions out there ma dudes” – won a $100 voucher from Activate Foods, a bottle of Slippery Coco, a Stealth recovery massage gun from Stryke Recovery and a $500 EFTPOS card from Partners in Wealth
  1. Most Creative Social Media Post Winner – Emma Paulley-Hughes with a daily video tribute to her father – won a NXTGEN goodie bag, a $100 voucher from Activate Foods, an in-chair teeth clean and whitening from Australian Dental & Implant Group (worth $700) and a bottle of Slippery Coco!

Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

This year’s #MoveAgainstCancer absolutely blew me away! The event attracted sponsors from all over, including our local ‘Australian Dental & Implant Group’ who gave generously, entered a team of their staff and donated a prize for one lucky winner. Also getting involved was Cancer Rehabilitation and Lymphatic Solutions, Bounce Back from Breast Cancer, Corporate Merchandise Australia, Reality Marketing, Slippery Coco, Activate Foods, Central Coast Spinal Care, Five Star Day Spa, MediRecruit, Distillery Botanica, Free State Café, Physio Connex, Gosford RSL, NXTGEN Nutrition, Miki Finn, The Stretch Lab, Bulk Nutrients, Partners in Wealth, Stryke Recovery and more!

This list of businesses represents people who understand the importance of community wellbeing. #MoveAgainstCancer was about supporting the Central Coast;

  • Raising money for the Cancer Council to support patients and their families on the coast
  • Improving Mental Health during a challenging time by getting people moving and connected
  • Highlighting the importance and simplicity of movement to stay happy and healthy

In just four weeks, participants completed over 190 million steps and raised a total of $101,176 – what do you think we can achieve in 2022?

An added bonus, I asked participants about their mental and physical well-being before and after the challenge as well as what they got out of #MoveAgainstCancer. Have a look at the data we collected.

After the challenge we’re seeing responders having a greater belief of the impact physical activity has on well-being

I like this one the most. This shows a higher level of ‘perceived’ physical fitness. Now this could be that people are becoming fitter from the challenge or it could show that they FEEL fitter.

Either way, increased ‘self-efficacy’ is a fantastic outcome. The fitter you believe you are the more you’ll be willing to do!

A simple but effective challenge – compared to the last week of August, steppers have increased their average daily step count.
A healthy target is around 10,000 steps a day so it’s fantastic to see a move towards that end of the scale.

What was the positive impact of the #MoveAgainstCancer Step Challenge on you?

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