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Emergency doctor reducing cancer burden with pedometers

In 2022, an average of 440 Australians were diagnosed with cancer each day.[1] Emergency doctor Ash Bowden, also known as Doctor Do More, aims to tackle this statistic one step at a time by calling on all Australians to join his annual step challenge.

#MoveAgainstCancer encourages participants to join up in teams and track their steps throughout September. Improving our step count not only benefits our physical and mental health, but exercise shown to lower a person’s risk of 13 types of cancer, some more than a 20%, including colon, breast, endometrial, oesophageal, liver, lung, stomach, kidney, head and neck, rectal and bladder.[2],[3]

“Moving more has unbelievable benefits on your health – reduced risk of cancers, reduced risk of cardiorespiratory disease, improved cognition and more. Importantly, it has a huge impact on our mental health, something we all need right now.

“The pandemic and current financial climate have caused much stress and anxiety. With rising interest rates, people tend to cut ‘luxury’ spending and exercise is often seen as this. Getting outside and staying active can safeguard our mental health, helping us to stay positive as we move forward,” says Dr Bowden.

Cancer Council suggests up to one hour of moderate activity a day, such as a brisk walk, can reduce many cancer risk factors.

“It may seem like a small change, but it can have a profound impact on all aspects of cancer, from prevention to tolerating treatment to survivorship,” says Dr Bowden.

#MoveAgainstCancer 2023 is the fourth annual step challenge held by Dr Bowden, raising over $165k and involving over 2000 people. Dr Bowden says he wants participation this year to be the most it has ever been.

“It’s such a simple, achievable challenge for people to participate in. When asked ‘How do I get more active?’ the best answer is to start with a walk.”

All fundraising raised by participants throughout the challenge goes to Cancer Council to ensure nobody faces a cancer diagnosis alone. The challenge starts on Wednesday, September 1st and will run to Thursday, September 30th. Registration is $10.

#MoveAgainstCancer 2023 is proudly sponsored by Smile On Clinics and Industree Group Australia among a handful of wonderful local sponsors.

Register for #MoveAgainstCancer via this link:

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